Working Papers 2015

15-46 Inference for Impulse Response Coefficients From Multivariate Fractionally Integrated Processes
Richard T. Baillie & George Kapetanios & Fotis Papailias

15-45 Changes in the Return to Skills and the Variance of Unobserved Ability
Guido Matias Cortes & Manuel Alejandro Hidalgo

15-44 Financial Deepening And Income Distribution Inequality In The Euro Area
Donatella Baiardi & Claudio Morana

15-43 Local Deviations from Uncovered Interest Parity: The Role of Macroeconomic Fundamentals
Richard T. Baillie & Kun Ho Kim

15-42 Learning New Technology: The Polarization of the Wage Distribution
Manuel Hidalgo-Perez & Benedetto Molinari

15-41 A Neo-Austrian Perspective on the Value of Growth Prospects
Andrea Mantovi & Augusto Schianchi

15-40 It’s No Spring Break in Cancun: The Effects of Exposure to Violence on Risk Preferences, Pro-Social Behavior, and Mental Health
Muhammad Nasir & Marc Rockmore & Chih Ming Tan

15-39 A Pair-Wise Analysis of Intra-City Price Convergence Within the Paris Housing Market
Mark J. Holmes & Jesus Otero & Theodore Panagiotidis

15-38 Model Averaging by Stacking
Claudio Morana

15-37 Organizational Barriers to Technology Adoption: Evidence from Soccer-Ball Producers in Pakistan
David Atkin & Azam Chaudhry & Shamyla Chaudry & Amit Kumar Khandelwal & Eric Verhoogen

15-36 Large Bayesian VARMAs
Joshua Chan & Eric Eisenstat & Gary Koop

15-35 Model Uncertainty in Panel Vector Autoregressive Models
Gary Koop & Dimitris Korobilis

15-34 More Credit, More Problems? Government Student Loan Limits and Education Outcomes
Cullen Goenner & Chih Ming Tan

15-32 The Impact of Sustained Attention on Labor Market Outcomes: The Case of Ghana
Chih Ming Tan & Dhanushka Thamarapani

15-31 The Expectations Hypothesis and Decoupling of Short- and Long-Term US Interest Rates: A Pairwise Approach
Mark Holmes & Jesus Otero & Theodore Panagiotidis

15-30 Has the Crisis Affected the Behavior of the Rating Agencies? Panel Evidence from the Eurozone
Periklis Boumparis & Costas Milas & Theodore Panagiotidis

15-29 “Good” Firms, Worker Flows and Local Productivity
Michel Serafinelli

15-28 Travel Motivations of Seniors: A Review and a Meta-Analytical Assessment
Roberto Patuelli & Peter Nijkamp

15-27 The Space of Gravity: Spatial Filtering Estimation of a Gravity Model for Bilateral Trade
Roberto Patuelli & Gert-Jan Linders & Rodolfo Metulini & Daniel A. Griffith

15-26 Add-On Pricing: Theory and Evidence From the Cruise Industry
Marco Savioli & Lorenzo Zirulia

15-25 Hamiltonian Potential Functions for Differential Games
Davide Dragone & Luca Lambertini & George Leitmann & Arsen Palestini

15-24 The Determinants of Household’s Bank Switching
Marianna Brunetti & Rocco Ciciretti & Ljubica Djordjevic

15-23 What moves international stock and bond markets?
Gino Cenedese & Enrico Mallucci

15-22 A Regularization Approach to Biased Two-Stage Least Squares Estimation
Nam-Hyun Kim & Winfried Pohlmeier

15-21 Cournot Competition and “Green” Innovation: An Inverted-U Relationship
Luca Lambertini & Joanna Poyago-Theotoky & Alessandro Tampieri

15-20 Robust Correlates of Growth Spells: Do Inequality and Redistribution Matter?
Andros Kourtellos & Charalambos G. Tsangarides

15-18 Carbon Emissions and Stock Returns: Evidence from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
A. Marcel Oestreich & Ilias Tsiakas

15-19 The Day-of-the-Week Effect is Weak: Evidence from the European Real Estate Sector
Georgios Bampinas & Stilianos Fountas & Theodore Panagiotidis

15-17 Survival Maximizing Leverage of an Economy: The Case of Greece
Haluk Yener & Thanasis Stengos & M. Ege Yazgan

15-16 What Drives International Portfolio Flows?
Lucio Sarno & Ilias Tsiakas & Barbara Ulloa

15-15 University Competition and Transnational Education: The Choice of Branch Campus
Joanna Poyago-Theotoky & Alessandro Tampieri

15-14 Predicting Systemic Risk with Entropic Indicators
Nikola Gradojevic & Marko Caric

15-13 Multi-criteria Classification for Pricing European Options
Nikola Gradojevic

15-12 Quality Improvement and Process Innovation in Monopoly: A Dynamic Analysis
Luca Lambertini & Raimondello Orsini

15-11 Student Loans and Repayment: Theory, Evidence and Policy
Lance Lochner & Alexander Monge-Naranjo

15-10 Default and Repayment Among Baccalaureate Degree Earners
Lance Lochner & Alexander Monge-Naranjo

15-09 Understanding Earnings Dynamics: Identifying and Estimating the Changing Roles of Unobserved Ability, Permanent and Transitory Shocks
Lance Lochner & Youngki Shin

15-08 Can German Unions Still Cut It?
John T. Addison & Paulino Teixeira & Jens Stephani & Lutz Bellmann

15-07 Collective Bargaining and Innovation
John T. Addison & Paulino Teixeira & Katalin Evers & Lutz Bellmann

15-06 Is the Erosion Thesis Overblown? Alignment from Without in Germany
John T. Addison & Paulino Teixeira & Katalin Evers & Lutz Bellmann

15-05 An Infinite Hidden Markov Model for Short-term Interest Rates
John M. Maheu & Qiao Yang

15-04 On the relationship between oil and gold before and after financial crisis: Linear, nonlinear and time-varying causality testing
George Bampinas & Theodore Panagiotidis

15-03 Inflation Targeting, Price-Level Targeting, the Zero Lower Bound, and Indeterminacy
Steve Ambler & Jean-Paul Lam

15-02 Are Gold and Silver a Hedge against Inflation? A Two Century Perspective
George Bampinas & Theodore Panagiotidis

15-01 Macroeconomic policy coordination in the global economy: VAR and BVAR-DSGE analyses
Keshab Bhattarai & Sushanta K. Mallick