The RCEA Colloquium 2007

20 April: Economics of Tourism: Workshop
“Tourism in the Mediterranean Region: an Economic Analysis”
Organizer and Chair: Paolo Figini (UNIBO and RCEA)

26 April: Microeconomics: Workshop
“Real Options: Theory and Applications”
Organizer and Chair: Elettra Agliardi (UNIBO and RCEA)

2 May: International Economics: Workshop
“Geographical Localization of Economic Activity”
Organizers: Emanuele Bacchiega (UNIBO and RCEA) and Gianluigi Pelloni (UNIBO and RCEA)
Chairs: Emanuele Bacchiega (UNIBO and RCEA) and Maurizio Mussoni (UNIBO and RCEA)

11-12 May: Macroeconomics: Workshop
“The Macroeconomics of Price Setting”
Organizer and Chair: Jerzy Konieczny (WLU and RCEA)

18-19 May: Labour Economics: Workshop
“Institution, Human Capital and Labour Market Turbulence” 
Organizers and Chairs: John Addison (Belfast and RCEA) and Gianluigi Pelloni (UNIBO and RCEA)

21 May: International Economics: Workshop
“The New Asian Dynamism:  Ten Years after the Crisis”

Organizer and Chair: Michael Plummer (The Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Bologna Centre, RCEA)

24 May: Microeconomics: Seminar
Pietro Gottardi(University of Venice and RCEA)
“Markets for Information: Of Inefficient Firewalls and Efficient Monopolies”
Chair: Elettra Agliardi (UNIBO and RCEA)

14-15 June: Econometrics: Workshop
“Applied Econometrics and Economics”

Organizers and Chairs: Gianluigi Pelloni (UNIBO and RCEA) and Thanasis Stengos (University of Guelph and RCEA)

18-19 June: Bayesian Econometrics: Workshop
“Non-linear Bayesian Models”

Organizers and Chairs: Gary Koop (Strathclyde and RCEA) and Wolfgang Polasek (IHS and RCEA)

9-10 october: Finance: Workshop
“Credit Risk  Models for Financial Markets and Banking” 
Organizer and Chair: Rossella Agliardi (UNIBO), Paola Brighi (UNIBO and RCEA) and Maria Letizia Guerra (UNIBO)
17 october: Macroeconomics: Seminar
Jean-Paul Lam (University of Waterloo, Canada, and Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis) 

Chair: Gianluigi Pelloni (Bologna University and Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis, Italy)