Summer School 2010

The Faculty of Economics-Rimini

of the University of Bologna


The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis (RCEA)


Summer School on Developments in Economic Growth Analysis


May 31st – June 13th, 2010


“Human Capital and Economic Growth”

The past decade has witnessed an explosion of interest in the determinants of long-term economic growth by academic researchers and policy makers alike. Following on earlier path breaking work, some of this generation’s most prominent economists have tackled this topic producing a bounty of academic articles and a number of notable books.  These books share a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of economic growth. Though excellent in many ways, they can provide only a general overview of each aspect of growth but not an in depth treatment of individual aspects of long run economic growth. The role of human capital accumulation in economic growth is in the forefront of those topics needing a more exhaustive and specialized treatment.  The popularity and importance of this subject is witnessed, at an academic level, by the increasing number of articles appearing in leading journals and, at a policy level, by the frequent exhortations by public officials on the importance of human capital formation in fostering growth. The  Summer School “Human Capital and Economic Growth” of the Faculty of Economics Rimini and RCEA will combine a thorough review of the literature (both theoretical and empirical) along with state-of-the-art econometric analysis of the issues arising in the analysis of the role of human capital in economic growth.

LOCATION and DURATION: May 31st – June 13th, 2010

DEADLINE for APPLICATIONS:  April, 16th, 2010
STRUCTURE: the courses will involve 30 hours of classroom lectures, active work in the laboratories and attendance of the panel “Canadian Growth: contemporary issues of productivity growth and development in a Global Perspective” and selected sessions on Growth at “The Rimini Conference in Economics and Finance”, RCEF, (

LEVEL: The course targets graduate students, interested faculty and practitioners who would like a comprehensive exposure to the theoretical and empirical aspects of the human capital-economic growth nexus.

Jean Paul Lam, University of Waterloo and The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis
Thanasis Stengos, University of Guelph and The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis

Costas Azariadis, Washington University in St. Louis

Theofanis P. Mamuneas, University of Cyprus
Thanasis Stengos (Panel Chair), University of Guelph and Senior Fellow of RCEA
Joseph Zeira, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Senior Fellow of RCEA

FEES: The fee for attending the summer school is € 800.
The fee is inclusive of full board.

Students attending the summer school will not have to pay the conference fee for attending the RCEF.

SCHOLARSHIPS: The Faculty of Economics Rimini and RCEA will award 4 scholarships of € 250 per student. The scholarship are awarded on the basis of the applicant‘s CV and a letter of reference.

TRAVELING: Participants should arrange and pay for their own traveling to Rimini. The closest airports are Rimini and Bologna.

FURTHER INFORMATION: application forms, summer school program and further information are available at a link in the RCEA’s homepage or by writing to