RCEF 2014



The Next Convergence

Monday 9 – Tuesday 10, June 2014

SGR Congress Center, Via G. Chiabrera 34, Rimini

The last thirty five years have witnessed a dramatic shift between the relative fortunes of Western economies and those of developing countries. The gap brought about by the Western industrial revolution and its aftermath has been narrowing rapidly. The process of globalization has opened up large potential markets and a fast transfer of knowledge, allowing for catching up growth rates never experienced before. In this multispeed environment the future of economic growth dynamics becomes essential not only for the understanding of long run trends but also of fluctuations such as the recent global financial crisis. The economic/econometric models and methods and the related empirical evidence that inform policy discussions are being re-evaluated. This rethinking of macroeconomic policy is in a state of flux which parallels the high speed of the ongoing economic processes.

Rimini Conference in Economics and Finance (RCEF) is a biennial conference series alternating between Italy and Canada and assembling a group of leading economists to present and discuss their work at the cutting edge of economic research. The RCEF2014 will be held in Rimini (SGR Congress Center, Via G. Chiabrera 34, 47924 Rimini) from June 9-10, 2014. It is organized by the Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis (RCEA), a private, non-profit organization dedicated to independent research in Applied Economics, Theoretical Economics and related fields.

Papers related to Growth and Development Economics, with both a macro and micro focus, are of particular interest to the organizers. The substantial rethinking of acquired methods, models and policies brought about by, what has been appropriately define “The Next Convergence”, is taking shape in different branches of Economics. It involves important methodological aspects and we invite papers in quantitative methods (Bayesian Econometrics and Statistics, Classical Econometrics and Statistics, Mathematical Economics, General Equilibrium) as well.

The conference invites submissions all fields of economics, including macroeconomics, fiscal and monetary policies, public economics, public finance, banking, finance, international trade, international trade, labour economics, industrial organization, game theory, economic geography, spatial economics and econometrics, regional development, environmental economics, health economics, economics of tourism, econometrics and quantitative methods.



Michael Spence, Nobel Prize 2001, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University (USA)

Plenary Speakers
David Andolfatto, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (USA) and RCEA (Italy)
Costas Azariadis, Washington University in St. Louis (USA) and RCEA (Italy)
Pranab Bardhan, University of California, Berkeley (USA) and RCEA (Italy)
Jim Griffin, University of Kent (UK)
Robert Kohn, University of New South Wales (Australia)


The 8th Rimini Bayesian Econometrics Workshop of RCEA and the 5th GLUNLAB workshop of RCEA will be held within The Rimini Conference in Economics and Finance 2014 in Rimini (SGR Congress Center, Via G. Chiabrera 34, 47924 Rimini). We plan to run a full set of parallel sessions inside this conference both for the Bayesian and the GLUNLAB workshops.

Papers in all areas of Bayesian econometrics are welcome.

Papers in all areas of economic geography, spatial economic and labour economics are welcome.



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